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Your 9PM News Update

Posted on: February 24, 2009

So. The gossip round the Roxy bend is THIS.

I got a text message from Will a few hours ago. For those of you that don’t know (and nobody should because this cat is old news; we’re talking Lindsay Lohan crotchvision news) this is my ex-disaster. Known him since we were tots in the sandbox, and we were on and off through high school and up until last year, when the creep literally turned creepy. Apparently he is a schizophrenic, sociopathic borderline personality. Clinically. And dear lord, did that explain a lot.

Short story long (which I won’t go into) we are so done. And the creep had the nerve to text me, wanting some entirely random information for a “paper” that he could have easily gotten from Google. He asked me to call him. Out of curiosity alone, I do it.

I ask him what he needs, answer his questions, and hang up. I know exactly why he called. Like I said before, it would have been a snap for him to do the research himself, rather than risk fury ten times greater than hell. He wanted to talk to me. More importantly, he wanted me to WANT to talk to him…probably to fulfill some psychotic desire for him to reject me again. Thankfully I didn’t give him the satisfaction. Just gave him what he “needed” and I was gone.

In other news, still haven’t heard from Blondie. Apparently he’s been cyber stalking me, though, which I still don’t know what to think of. I’m very curious to see if he’ll call me tonight.

And in general blogging news, I’ve decided to entertain the masses with a video blog! This will be up and running as soon as I can secure a legit enough costume to conceal my appearance, while not going all “V for Vendetta” on you with the Faux mask. This blog will be lighter than my entries, and more about the general humor behind dating. I’ll try to post a new one every week, so stay tuned, and in the meantime keep up with me and my adventures!

Finally….a shout out goes out to Nick, whose mom passed away this past weekend. May she rest in peace, and please keep him and his family in your prayers.


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