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Long Days, Cute Dresses

Posted on: February 24, 2009

I woke up this morning (late) for class, so I didn’t have time to shower. Ugh. Don’t you hate that feeling? My hair doesn’t look too bad today, though, and I’m wearing an adorable dress…in case you wanted to know.

Not a lot to report today, sadly. I worked on some design stuff for our newsletter at work, which was pretty cool. BUT my boss also cut my hours, which is pretty depressing. I’m thinking of opening up a freelancing PR/Articles site, and looking for a 2nd job. If only the economy/my schedule didn’t suck right now…

One tidbit of news regarding Blondie. I met this guy on a dating site (I know, sounds fishy, but they’re getting more and more legit, and with the amount of cyber stalking you can do nowadays, it’s pretty easy to find out if they’re creepers before you meet them). So on this site, (OkCupid, which I HIGHLY suggest…it’s fun and there’s boredom busting tests which are pretty entertaining) there is a feature which you can rate someone out of five stars on looks and personality. There is also a feature to see who has looked at your profile.

Where am I going with this? Apparently Blondie has looked at my profile three times in the past week, and I recently got a message that he just TODAY gave me 5 stars on looks or personality.

So. Two things.

1. Obviously my drunken dialing and bad behavior didn’t phase him too much, if he’s still bothering to gaze at my profile, AND to rate me within the past DAY very highly.

2. We’ve talked on the phone. We’ve met for coffee. So WHY exactly is this guy spending so much time drooling over Cyber Me, when he can pick up the damn phone and fawn over REAL me?

Boys are confusing.


4 Responses to "Long Days, Cute Dresses"

Because he doesn’t know what to say.

Some guys are a little scared when it comes to actually having to speak with a girl, and it’s easier for them to flirt online.

There are many reasons why, but maybe you should just make the first move and ask him out? Shy guys like that.

Unfortunately I already have…I asked him a couple days ago if he wanted to hang out this week and he never responded. Thus the major confusion.

Maybe he needs to find some balls to do something if he really wants it. The only way to grow is to put yourself outside that zone and grow into it.

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