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Caution: This is Sparta

Posted on: October 24, 2008

A conversation I  had very recently has been circulating in my thoughts constantly. I can’t get rid of it. It’s like this insect in my ear.

Alright, in all honesty I just wrote a novel more or less degrading the entire gender of man. But I’m not quite Eve Ensler yet. So we’re cutting this short because by launching into said rant, I’d be berating someone who I’m not quite sure would honestly deserve it (only about 35% at this point…not enough to justify a rant.) So we’ll keep it simple.

  1. Change, change, change. Things have to change. I feel like the wheels are turning and nothing is being produced. And I think I have decided that I am in no way, shape or form in a place to accept the lesser side of the species into my life in a relational way. There is so much I have to work on and fix and alter and tweak in myself, I can’t do that to some poor schlob.
  2. This change needs to involve three parts: First being a strive towards independence. I need to get out of my parents’ house. This has nothing to do with them and everything to do with the fact that I’m losing my adulthood, and losing the last bit of youth that I can actually couple with independence for the shortest sprig of time. I need to get this back.
  3. Next part is an altering of my personality. Or more specifically…a return to the person of old. I feel like I’ve de-evolved in my persona, and that needs to change. I don’t really like the person that I am now, and that didn’t use to be the case.
  4. Last part is figuring out where I want to go. In life. And really, I’ve got about…six weeks to decide that. And I’m starting to realize that I have completely neglected what I had wanted for 18 years until I started college…and the fact that I forgot about it might be a factor in my current decline.

Also, sidenote, but since the election is winding down and College Republicans isn’t as active, I’ve decided to join the OSU One Campaign. Mostly because they are awesome and poverty is not. So, there you go.


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