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You can make it a “Time For Change” now…but I’m not seeing much change in you, Barack.

Posted on: September 25, 2008

My inbox is full.

This is one of the main reasons that I love the start of school. You start to feel a part of the world again. Summer floats by in a haze of late nights and good memories, but at the end it almost feels like a dream. Being back in the real world is exhausting and frustrating, but it also gives a sense of purpose. You set goals, draw up schedules, plan to accomplish and try new things.

It’s already Thursday and I’m completely spent.

I think most of it has to do with not feeling well. It’s not really a full blown sickness, but just enough to make me feel crappy all day and too exhausted to sleep at night so it’s even worse the next day. I’m looking forward to the blissful sleeping in of the coveted Saturday morning approaching. What’s worse is that I can’t change my schedule if I wanted to; my work week is ironclad and I need the money badly, so I can’t cut hours. And right after that is school. I’m getting up at 6 every day and not going home until 6 or 7, even later if I have some kind of social thing afterward.

But I sound like I’m complaining. Once I’m no longer sick, it won’t be so bad. Even fun. I like my class schedule and I like my plans and goals. And I like having an inbox full of e-mails to go to and respond to. It finally gives me something to do after a whole summer of going line dancing and watching Buffy.

I will, on an unrelated topic, say something that is currently bugging the crap out of me. Well, two things. Make it three.

First being the state of our nation’s economy. I think the expression “are you kidding me” doesn’t even begin to cover it. I finally got a full understanding of just how exactly the two biggest mortgage companies in the world more or less imploded while I was in my Poli Sci class yesterday. It’s some pretty jaw dropping stuff. But these people are supposed to be the brightest in the nation. Obviously they’ve got to be worthy candidates somehow, to be put in charge of thousands of loans and mortgages. Wasn’t there ONE point in the past TWO decades where somebody hit the brakes and said “Hey, guys, ummm we probably should just get rid of these loans before they go any higher. This has the potential to do some really bad stuff if we’re getting all these companies to invest in these crap loans.” NO ONE?! What the crap are they doing up there in New York that would keep them from realizing the potential economic blackhole they were sucking our nation into?

And another thing. I’m pretty sick of hearing that George W. is the one who is RESPONSIBLE for this economic crisis. I’m not the biggest fan of Bush, don’t get me wrong. But this crisis the financial, economical, AND political result of over TWENTY years of faulty loans from loan sellers. This cycle has been going on forever, under both Republican and Democratic rule. So just because you don’t like Bush, don’t tack yet another failure on to him when this is not his cross to bear, but the people over at Fannie and Freddie.

And for that matter, where does Obama’s campaign and the liberal media (cough MSNBC cough) get off accusing McCain of withdrawing from the first debate some kind of political stunt? I assume the angle taken is that he’s going for the “look how much I care, I’m such a nice guy who’s so concerned about our nation” approach. Here’s my question…so what if he is? I just about broke the television when I heard Obama say that “a presidential debate is what we really need right now.” As far as I’m concerned, what we REALLY need right now is a strategy that will keep my parents and my own retirement funds safe, help me and my kids’ finish college and not be living in Hoovervilles in the next ten years. I really don’t need to hear you call Sarah Palin a pig again, Barack. I need you to get your butt in Congress and start taking some action…you know, like the kind you have thus far failed to take at ALL during your entire RUN of congress? Mostly because you’ve been done…what? Campaigning for president the entire time?

A TRULY worthy candidate for president would care more about the state of the nation’s affairs than winning a popularity contest. McCain’s views on the energy crisis, civil unions and the war are something I’m not entirely in agreement with, but I do have respect for a man who will intentionally jepordize his election into office because he is aware that there is more at stake in this country than the election.


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