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Sell, Sell, Sell

Posted on: August 11, 2008

One of the first rules of a successful advertising campaign is to sell yourself. Present a product to the client or customer that will make them desire you, need you in a sense. Mr. McCain has yet to have us swooning at his feet with his own personal advertisements.
The recent campaign ads over the summer, while probably widely unnoticed by the general public during the summer, does not overcast a good outcome for Senator McCain. The tactics used by his campaign managers are cheap and tawdry at best, while highly ineffectual at most.
Their selling points against Senator Obama are an attack against his supposed celebrity status.
Unfortunately, this is not going to work. Calling attention to Obama’s wealth or standing doesn’t work, because McCain has all that in his-count ’em- six houses. It’s the pot calling the kettle black, and it’s not going to work.
Moreover, McCain’s strategy calls more attention to himself than to Obama. He is targeting Obama as being different; but difference and change is exactly what this country wants. I’m not saying that Obama is going to make the kind of difference that would be best for this country, but they are both advertising this uniqueness to Obama’s character.
McCain is trying to emphasize Obama’s alienation from our society- his picky eating habits, his frequent gym visits, his years at Harvard and Hyde Park. Even if we set aside the fact that McCain himself came from a privelaged family (and did I mention the six houses), the American people have already consented that they want change in our society. Too many people are looking at McCain as an older, less capable version of George W., and the pleas that McCain is making on behalf of Obama’s elitist behavior will only make the public respond with an “Okay…so he’s different. We’ll take arrugula over another twenty years in Iraq any day.”
McCain’s only positive point in his campaigns is the insistence that Obama shies away from confronting tough questions. He has refused to be a part of townhall debates with McCain, instead attempting to renegotiate with McCain on one televised townhall. To this, McCain refused, and his campaign managers threw this situation into the limelight to portray Obama as a coward with no stance on the real issues.
The proper procedure, gentlemen, would have been to renegotiate with Obama. I think it’s pretty obvious that Obama is a narcissistic egomaniac, and certainly wanted more cameratime. But he’s also not an idiot. McCain’s campaign’s refusal to renegotiate made them appear to be the bullies trying to catch Obama redhanded in his mistakes, making Obama the innocent victim of a campaign attack.
And in truth, that’s all this campaign strategy is really making McCain out to be: a bully. No one is going to respond in a positive way to this kind of flatulating attack when there are so many important issues facing our country.
The wise decision for Mr. McCain would be to bring those issues to light along with his plans and solutions, and see what Mr. Obama has to say about that.


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