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Meet Me in D.C.

Posted on: August 7, 2008

I’m getting the feeling that near every twenty-something college student is becoming a political nut with this election.

The funny thing is, no one knows that the crap is going on in regards to the actual election itself.

I don’t know how many times I’ve gotten on Facebook over this summer and seen the cute little statuses of “Obama rocks!”, et cetera. What makes me smile (and frown at the same time) is that these are the same people who are complaining about the price of gas in their cars. And what does Obama want to do to solve the oil crisis in America? Push for the production of more hybrid cars.

Hybrid cars. Really? Not only would this idea be years in the making at least, but I’m unaware of too many average college students who can just trade in their hunka junk for a brand new shiny fuel efficient hybrid. I’m not saying it’s a BAD idea; a recent report showed that even if we were to extract all the remaining oil left for use as fuel, it would only last us about a decade more. New energy plans must be made, and we must for new solutions. But the key word here is solutions. As in, more than one. As in, more than one where the different solutions benefit different people, not just the rich and the privelaged such as yourself, Senator Obama.

And that’s really what makes me want to chuck every college student’s television, locked on MTV out the window. Because all I’ve heard over the last few months is what a great, down to earth guy this dude is. A man who can relate to the people, who understands the life of the everyman. Again, I don’t think the everyman can have the opportunities to breeze through Columbia and Harvard law, the funds to eat as well as this guy does, or to live a completely green lifestyle where even the gas on his campaign bus is fuel efficient.

People like Obama because he is a fad. He is a media-soaked, camera happy vaudeville genius who knows just how to work an audience, no matter what he says. At this point, Obama could do the electric slide with a squirrel while wearing a speedo and present this act as the solution to world hunger, and I’m guessing people would eat out of the palm of his hand. Wake UP, people.

I’m not saying you have to hate him. I don’t hate Obama, and I don’t dislike him…entirely. I happen to agree with his long term plan on energy issues and immigration. But know what it is you’re supporting before you support it. And in all honesty, what you’re supporting is a man who does not know himself what he stands for. He’s gone back and forth so many times you’d think his political career was a game of Pong. If America gets off their butt and picks up a newspaper, we’ll realize we aren’t a bunch of idiots, and start demanding real answers from this guy. And if he can’t provide…then I guess we know what kind of candidate we really have.


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